Types Of Traffic Tickets We Fight


Commercial Vehicle

Driving is Your Livelihood.  You need to keep your driving record pristine and your (or your company's) carrier profile affordable.  We are former commercial vehicle, light vehicle and dangerous goods inspectors.

Not sure if your ticket will put points on the profile?  We have a comprehensive list of what carries points, and how many points each charge is.  Give us a call or text us a picture and we can discuss your options.

Major Offences

Careless Driving, Hit and Run, High Speed, Racing, Stunting, Drive While Suspended, Uninsured. These tickets will skyrocket your insurance premiums, carry big fines and demerits, and could get your licence suspended.  We have successfully helped hundreds of people in these situations.

Minor Offences

Speeding, Red Light, Stop Sign, Illegal Turns and Lane Changes - just to name a few.  All of these carry demerits and convictions on your record for insurance.  We are former laser instructors and used to teach traffic law at police college.


Not only could your insurance company find you at fault, but the ticket you just got could compound your insurance premium hike.  We are former court qualified experts in collision investigation and taught it at police college.  Not only have we helped out our clients with their tickets, but we have even had some insurance companies reverse their "at fault" decisions against our clients.  

Talk To Us First

We offer a no hassle, HONEST, free consultation.  If we don't think we can help you, we will tell you before you hire us.